Named by National Geographic as the most isolated town in the lower 48 states, my hometown is 78 miles from the nearest town and surrounded by mountain ranges. To the North, the Absarokas, to the South,the Wind River Range. The Valley of the Warm Winds, it is affectionally called,  should be a good hint that the wind rarely ever stops blowing, day or night, and unless it’s summertime, it’s really not all that warm. The locals joke that the wind acts as a population control.

Wyoming has abundant public land, 54% of the state acutally, that can be utilized in multiple ways. I can drive 15 miles and in any direction and be in the National Forest or BLM. Whether it’s a springtime hike and horn hunt, a summer fly fishing trip, hunting horseback in the fall, or a wintertime snowmobile or cross-country ski trip, I am fotunate to live here, where I can roam alongside the other animals that call the mountains home.

It is truly a place to work so that you may live here. Work to live, never the other way, unless you truly love what you do and then it really isn’t work anymore anyway. I have been fortunate to have, at such a relatively young age, had several jobs that I truly loved doing, and where work wasn’t work but just another great day of life. I realize that things change and this isn’t always the case. But having the mountains at an arm’s length away, which enables me to do the things I love and care about on a regular basis on my own time, is what matters. Many people vacation in the mountains for an “escape” from their reality, technology, urban living, clutter…Living in the mountains lets me live my life like it’s somebody else’s vacation.



Some interesting articles are listed below:

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  • Leaning into the Wind



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